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Great educational websites

We know in this time of being ‘stuck’ at home it will be difficult to limit screen-time. So in stead of avoiding the inevitable, let’s try to stay productive while spending time online!

I’ve sorted through some great websites that offer free online games, activities and even e-books! Let me know which you enjoyed and if there’s anything great out there that I should add!



This website started as an incentive to have teachers and students dedicate an hour of code somewhere in their schedule. The fun and interactive activities teach students of all ages and reading levels basic coding.

Hour of CodeHour of Code 1

My favourite beginner activity is Dance Party! Where you get to code the different dance moves and animations in a little dance scene. Students can also design their own games! Even the popular Minecraft and Flappy Bird make an appearance! Levels are set up in grade levels as well as “beginner” or “comfortable”. There really is something for EVERYONE!

Find it here:

Definitely try: Lightbot, Dance Party



Always a trusty source! National Geographic Kids offers free quizzes, action games and something they call “Funny Fill-In“.

National Geographic

The games range from basic jumping games (using your arrows), to games where you need to use some creative thinking and brain power! You decide how challenging you want it to be!

While you are there, this website has incredible resources and many many videos and articles for your children to get to know the world they live in.

Find it here:

Definitely try: Beaver Badminton, Funny Fill-in Dangerous Dentistry



FunBrain created a lot of easy, fun online games. Some games are very simple and others give the opportunity to learn more about specific subjects. Mighty Guy is a simple game that I found quite challenging and very funny!


A second great feature of FunBrain is their incredible collection of books you can read for free online! Titles include Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Honey Moon: Dog Daze.


Find it here:

Definitely try: Vine Time, Read Judy Moody saves the world


Alistair Ackermann

Alistair is a South African illustrator who has been doing illustrations for some of the best Afrikaans books there is. Every morning at 10:00 on his Facebook page, he presents a 30min live drawing session. He works at a bit quicker rate which might be difficult for younger artists to follow. But you can watch the videos afterwards, as he leaves them online after the live session is finished. By doing it at a slower pace, all ages will feel comfortable joining in!

Alistair Ackermann

Find it here:


Mr Nussbaum – Learning + Fun

This website has an incredible collection of worksheets and games free to use!


My favourite part is the incredible online scavenger hunt activities. He adds a virtual exhibit or map to explore, and gives an activity with questions about the area you are exploring.

Find it here:

Definitely try: Order Ops



Another wonderful website with a large collection of educational online games. They have games and videos for Pre-K to Grade 6. They have a premium membership option, but I believe you can access a large majority of activities without having to sign up.


Find it here:

Definitely try: Animalines